11 Surefire Ways to Make $4,000 Fast in 2023

How to make 4,000 dollars fast

Making money is one of the major concerns for most people. You want to be able to provide for yourself and your loved ones, and sometimes that can feel like a daunting task. But don’t worry, if you’re here to learn how to make $4,000 fast, I’ve got you!

This blog post uncovers the most surefire ways that you can make a quick $4,000. You’ll find ideas that take a shorter while and others that require a bit more time.

So, whether you need the cash in a day or a week, these methods are tried and true. You can rest assured that you will be able to gather some extra cash.

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How to Make 4,000 Dollars Fast

Check the ideas to earn $4,000 fast online, in a week, or month below.

1. Become a freelancer online

One of the quickest ways that you can make $4,000 is by becoming a freelancer online. If you have any skills that others may need, such as writing, web design, or marketing, you can sign up for a freelancing platform and start offering your services.

Another idea is to look for clients online on social media. This approach can be easier for you since you won’t face competition like the case with popular freelancer sites like Fiverr.

You can typically set your own rates as a freelancer and work as little or as much as you want. You’ll need to work on multiple projects to achieve your income goal. If you’re able to land a few long-term clients, you can make a nice chunk of change quickly and consistently.

2. Start a blog and monetize it

Another way to make money online is by starting a blog and monetizing it. This will take some time to get up and running, but it can be a great passive income stream once you do.

Numerous well-established blogs make 4,000 bucks a day if not more. It’s possible to hit the amount in a few weeks or a month with a new blog that has quality content and good web authority.

There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog, including affiliate marketing, ads, or selling products and services. If you choose to go the advertising route, you can work with companies and sponsors or run ads on your site. And if you have a product or service to sell, you can do that directly from your blog as well.

The key thing to note is that you’ll need decent website traffic to earn from blogging. So, it helps to work on that first before implementing any blog monetization strategy.

3. Work as a driver

If you have a car, you can make $4,000 fast by becoming a driver. You can sign up with companies like Uber or Lyft and start giving rides.

The great thing about this gig is that you’re in control of when and how much you want to work. You can also choose to do other driving-related tasks like food or package delivery.

The amount you make will depend on a few factors, such as the number of rides you do and the tips you earn along with your location. Working in high-income urban neighborhoods would mean earning more than someone operating from quite a rural area. As long as you work hard enough, it’s definitely possible to achieve your goal within a month or two.

4. Deliver stuff

You can choose to deliver stuff instead of driving passengers to various destinations. In fact, this idea can work for you if you just own a bike or scooter. In some areas, you can simply do deliveries on foot.

Would you love to deliver food from restaurants to people? Consider becoming a DoorDash driver. You get paid for every delivery you complete depending on the work involved plus the distance.

In case you want another option, working as an Instacart shopper may interest you. In this case, you select groceries for someone and deliver them to their doorstep.

Both companies offer you a choice on when to perform the tasks. Anytime that you earn customer tips, the money is all yours!

5. Become an influencer on Instagram

If you love social media, then becoming an influencer on Instagram may be a great way to earn $4,000 fast. It can be done from anywhere in the world since most social media platforms, including Instagram, work in almost all countries.

The first step is to gain a good following by posting quality content that your target audience will appreciate. Once you have at least a few thousand followers, you can start working with brands as an influencer.

You’ll need to promote a brand’s products or services on your account and get paid for it. The rate you earn will depend on your audience size, engagement rate, and other factors.

It can take some time to land a good deal as an influencer. But once you do, you’ll be able to make money fairly quickly if you play your cards right.

6. Sell stuff you don’t need

Maybe you want to earn $4,000 in one day, or right away. One of the best things you can do is to sell stuff you no longer need. This could be a machine, furniture, jewelry, or anything else lying around your house that your neighbor or someone else might want.

There are a few ways to go about this. One is to hold a garage sale in your yard. This is a great option if you want to get rid of a lot of stuff quickly.

Another way to do it is to sell online through platforms like eBay, Mercari, or Poshmark. If you have old mobile phones, consoles, CDs, and books, Decluttr is a great platform to put them on sale.

Some hacks you need are taking good-quality photos and writing interesting descriptions for each item. It generally takes a bit longer to sell stuff online. But if you price your items competitively, you should be able to make a decent profit in no time.

7. Livestream video games

Here comes is a suitable option for all the gamers out there. You can start streaming your gameplay on Twitch and make money from donations, sponsorships, advertisements, and subscriptions.

The key to making good money with this method is to grow your channel and build a large audience. The more viewers you have, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn income.

Of course, you’ll need to be entertaining and have a good personality to keep people hooked on your channel. But if you can do that, you can make some decent money streaming video games.

Like playing mobile games? Here are the best apps to earn gift cards by playing them, or even real cash.

8. Go to the pawnshop

Need 4,000 dollars right now? You could go to the pawnshop near you and get a loan for some of your stuff.

This is a great option if you have things like electronics, jewelry, or musical instruments that you no longer want or need. The pawnshop will give you cash for your items, which you can then use however you want.

Keep in mind that you’ll usually only get a fraction of the item’s value. So, this option is only worth considering if you’re desperate for money and don’t mind losing your stuff in case you don’t pay back what you owe.

9. Get a fast loan

If you have a good credit score, you can apply for a personal loan and get the money in as little as 24 hours. The interest rate on these loans is usually quite high. So, you should only consider this option if you’re confident you can repay the loan within a few months.

Also, only use the money from the loan for something you really need. It can be an emergency or an investment that you don’t want to miss.

It’s not the best idea to borrow money if you just need to treat yourself or someone else. Also, make sure you can repay the loan on time to avoid getting into debt.

10. Find quick odd jobs nearby

Need another idea on how to get $4,000 instantly? Among the best things you can do is to find quick odd jobs in your area. It can be shoveling snow for your neighbor, walking a dog for a friend, or even painting someone’s fence.

You can find these types of gigs in several ways. One is to search online platforms like Fiverr, Craigslist, or TaskRabbit. Another option is to ask people you know if they have any odd jobs that need doing.

These gigs usually don’t pay very well. The reason is that many of them don’t require special education and a homeowner may just be lazy to do it themselves. But if you can find enough of them, you can make a decent amount of money in a short period of time.

Also, customer tips play a great role in boosting your earnings from quick jobs. So, do that gig with your heart!

11. Claim an unclaimed inheritance

This is probably the easiest way to get $4,000 fast without having to do anything. If someone in your family passed away, there’s a chance you may be entitled to an inheritance. And if that inheritance is in the form of cash, you could get your hands on it pretty quickly.

Of course, this option doesn’t apply to everyone. But if you ever lost a close family member, it’s worth looking into whether or not you’re they left you any money in their will. You can start by searching online for unclaimed inheritances in your state.

Depending on the size of the inheritance and the state you live in, you may have to wait a few months to get the money. But once you do, you’ll have a nice chunk of change to help you out with your financial goals.

How to Make 4,000 Dollars Fast as a Kid

There are a few things that kids can do to make some quick cash. One option is to offer yard work services like mowing lawns or shoveling snow. Another is to set up a lemonade stand or bake sale.

If you have a knack for arts and crafts, you could also sell your creations online or at local craft fairs. And if you’re good with animals, you could offer pet-sitting services or dog walking.

No matter what your talents and interests are, there’s sure to be a way for you to make some extra money. Don’t forget to inform the person in charge of you of whatever you’re doing.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! These are the best ways to make $4,000 fast this year.

While some of these options may be more feasible than others, they’re all worth considering if you need money quickly. It also makes sense to take on a couple of ideas to reach the desired income amount.

So, what are you waiting for? Start taking action and see how much money you can make!


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