29 Online Business Ideas for Beginners To Make Money (2023)

Online business ideas for beginners

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start an online business that makes money, you may be wondering what good ideas out there would work for you.

This blog post covers different online small business ideas that you can start from the comfort of your own home. These businesses are all low-cost and require little startup capital. So, rest assured that you won’t need millions in your bank account to bring your favorite idea to life.

Also, you don’t require special skills and high-level education to find success working on the Web. So, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent looking for a side hustle, a student looking for extra cash, or just someone who wants to be financially independent, this guide has the information you need!

Online Small Business Ideas from Home

Below are the best online business ideas that can be profitable when executed well.

1. Freelance writing

One of the easiest Internet-based businesses to start if you have a computer and some writing skills is freelance writing. If you didn’t know, the Internet homes over a billion websites.

Less than 20 percent still are active. But it still means that a couple hundred million sites need new content for their readers from time to time.

Most site owners require help when it comes to creating high-quality blog posts consistently. You can start a freelance writing business online to satisfy this demand for writers. All you need to do is find something you can write about, look for clients, and make your work as good as it can be.

Either go to freelance marketplaces and list your services, apply for jobs on employment sites and LinkedIn, or market your services on social media to attract gigs.

2. Dog walking

Do you like spending time outdoors? If so, why not use it to earn money too?

Dog walking is an easy way to make some extra cash and get exercise at the same time. Just find local people who need their pets looked after for a few hours or days and take them for walks.

You don’t even need any special skills or qualifications to get started. All you have to do is advertise your services online, set up a plan for each pet walker visit, and charge an appropriate fee for your work. Sites like Rover make it easy to connect with dog owners nearby.

3. Babysitting

Are you good with kids? If so, babysitting may be the perfect online small business for you!

Babysitting is a great way to make money while helping families out. All you need is a few years of childcare experience and some references from past families that have used your services.

Once you’re officially set up, finding jobs online is easy. Sites like Care.com and SitterCity list thousands of families looking for reliable babysitters you can connect with in your location. And don’t forget to market yourself on social media too!

4. Virtual assistant

You can offer your remote services as a virtual assistant (VA) to other established entrepreneurs and small business owners. The great thing about being a virtual assistant is that you don’t have to limit yourself to one job title only; you can help out in multiple areas. As a VA, you can do anything from customer service to helping with administrative tasks like bookkeeping and data entry.

You’ll need a few skills such as marketing and some resources like business tools here and there to start this type of online business. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be unstoppable. Just make sure to market yourself properly on social media websites like LinkedIn or Twitter so that prospective employers can find you easily!

5. Affiliate marketing

One way to earn money from home without owning a product or offering a service is by becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where you get paid a specified commission for promoting another company’s products or services.

You can partner with other established websites and businesses to promote their products, and then earn a certain percentage of each sale that comes through your link. You don’t have to handle any products yourself; you just market them and get paid.

You can find affiliate programs by searching them online by their niches or using affiliate networks like ShareASale. The top media to use in affiliate promotions as blogs and social networks.

6. Delivery driving

If you’re looking for a way to make money on your own schedule, delivery driving might be the perfect fit. Companies like Instacart, DoorDash, and Amazon Flex are always looking for drivers who can deliver food and packages from point A to B.

The things you need include a valid driver’s license and access to a suitable vehicle. In some cases, you can deliver using a bike, scooter, or on foot.

Remember, you’ll access more delivery opportunities in busy cities than in rural areas. Also, pay attention to the busiest hours and be available at such times.

7. Drive passengers

Can you handle driving people around in your car? You could become a driver for companies like Uber and Lyft and get paid for every destination you reach.

You’ll need your documents to prove you’re a qualified driver with a proper car. Just like delivery driving, you need to be in an area where significant people request rides from one place to another. It’s possible to work with a couple of ridesharing platforms and even combine driving passengers with delivery jobs.

8. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money online. From fitness and fashion blogs to news and opinion websites, people are making a living from blogging in almost every niche imaginable.

If you have an area of expertise or knowledge that you’d like to share with others, consider starting your own blog. It’s a great way to make some passive income, and you don’t need a lot of technical skills to get started.

You’ll need a domain name, hosting plan, and content management system like WordPress. Once you have all that sorted out, you can start writing blog posts as often as you’d like and monetize them with ads, affiliate marketing links, or sponsored posts.

9. Publish e-books

If you’re well experienced in something, then why not use your knowledge to make money? You can publish and distribute e-books online in just a few easy steps.

The great thing about publishing an e-book is that anyone can do it. All you need is a computer and access to the Internet. Once you have written your book, you can publish it on Amazon, iTunes, and other online stores.

You’ll also need to promote your e-book to potential readers via social media and email marketing campaigns. But if done correctly, you could easily make a substantial profit with your e-books in no time!

10. Start an online course

As long as you’re an expert in any area, you can as well create and sell an online course about it. All you need to do is research whatever your audience’s struggles are to create a course outline, record the content in video or audio format, and upload it on platforms like Udemy.

Once your course is live, you’ll need to market it so that potential students can find it. You can use social media marketing as well as email campaigns to promote your online courses.

11. Offer web development services

Web development is one of the most in-demand skills these days, and it pays well too. If you’re knowledgeable in web design or coding, you can offer your services as a freelancer or even start your own web design business website.

The good thing is that it doesn’t matter whether you learned in class or taught yourself how to do it. With some creativity, you can easily impress individuals and brands looking for their first site or an upgrade to their existing one. Plus, many tools are available online, both free and paid, to make web development a seamless process.

12. Establish a YouTube channel

Having a YouTube channel has become one of the most popular business ideas that almost everyone who’s social wants to try. You don’t even need an extensive knowledge base or equipment to get started. Your mobile device can get you started and many smartphone videography resources and tutorials are online.

If you can produce interesting videos that viewers enjoy, there’s an opportunity for generating income with Google ads. Plus, there are many other ways that you can monetize your YouTube channel, from sponsorships to selling digital products and offering online services.

13. Create an app

Creating an app is one of the most profitable online business ideas around. With so many people using smartphones and tablets, it’s easier than ever before to reach a wide audience with your product.

Whether you have an idea for a game, news, or social media app, you can create and market it on your own. All you need is some coding and marketing skills to get going. Other than that, you can partner with or hire a developer if you lack app development skills.

The great thing about apps is that the possibilities are almost endless. Plus, with the right strategies and features, you can generate a substantial amount of income from them through methods like ads and subscriptions.

14. Sell print-on-demand products

If you’re a creative type and have an eye for design, then selling print-on-demand products could be your cup of tea. You can design items like t-shirts, mugs, hats, phone cases, and more with your own artwork or images and upload them onto websites such as Redbubble and Cafepress.

Once your designs are on these platforms, customers can browse through the products and purchase whatever they like. The print-on-demand marketplaces take care of printing and shipping and pay you commissions.

You’ll just need to promote your store online to get more people interested in your customized products, but with a bit of effort, you can make a decent passive income from print-on-demand.

15. Become an influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest online business ideas around. Brands reach out to influencers with a large following on social media and commission them to promote their products or services.

This type of marketing has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness and affordability. In case you have a significant audience that trusts your opinion, then it’s easy to persuade them to purchase from your links or recommendations.

You can start by creating relevant content on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. After that, you’ll need to reach out to brands for collaborations and make money from your audience.

16. Start a podcast

Starting a podcast is one of the best online business ideas if you enjoy creating digital content. There’s an increasing demand for audio content, as more and more people are consuming podcasts on their phones, tablets, and computers.

The good thing about podcasts is that you don’t need any technical knowledge to start one. All you need is an interesting topic, a good microphone, and some recording software. And if your podcast gains traction, you can make money from sponsorships or by selling advertising space.

17. Transcription

Transcription services are among the most demanded in the online space. Transcriptionists help convert audio recordings into written documents by listening to the audio files and typing out what they hear.

You can provide transcription services to companies, digital marketers, podcasters, and other professionals who need written versions of their audio recordings. All you’ll need is a good ear for detail and some typing skills.

18. Social media consulting

Social media has become an integral part of modern life. Almost everyone from teenagers to grandparents has Facebook or Instagram profiles, and many businesses are using these platforms to reach out to their potential customers.

If you understand the ins and outs of social media, then becoming a social media consultant could be an excellent online business idea for you. You can help companies improve their presence on different social networks by strategizing and implementing powerful campaigns.

You can also offer your services such as content creation and management, paid ads, analytics, and more. With the right set of skills, you can easily make a good living as a social media consultant.

19. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial strategy for any website in order to rank higher on search engine result pages. SEO experts or agencies help companies optimize their websites and make sure they are performing well.

You’ll need some technical knowledge around keywords, content creation, and link building to start an SEO business. Practice is key here. You can start by helping smaller websites get some ranking and improve your portfolio. Another way is to create your own site and establish it to the level where it ranks well on Google.

20. Ad management

Ad management is one of the most lucrative online business ideas for those who understand digital marketing. Business owners are always looking for ways to optimize their ad campaigns, and it’s up to you to help them do so.

You can provide your services such as setting up campaigns, optimizing ads, analyzing performance, and more. It would be great to specialize in managing ads on Google, Facebook, or a few platforms online.

21. Video editing

Video editing is the process of cutting, cropping, and making modifications to video files. It’s something essential among digital marketers and businesses that use video content as a part of their marketing strategy.

If you have experience working with video editors, then starting an online video editing business could be the perfect opportunity for you. You can offer your services to YouTubers, companies, and other professionals who lack the time or skills to edit their videos.

22. Resume writing

Writing resumes is a skill that many people lack but it’s one of the most important elements of job hunting. Talented resume writers who can craft impressive documents for candidates come in handy.

You don’t need any specific education to become a professional resume writer, but you will need some writing experience and strong knowledge of the job market. You can start by offering your services on freelance platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr, and then expand by setting up your own website.

23. Create a membership website

A membership website is a great online business idea for those who want to generate a recurring income. You can set up a simple platform where people can pay a monthly fee to access certain content or services.

The types of content you offer are completely up to you. It could be anything from tutorials and templates to exclusive video content, personal coaching sessions, and more. All you’ll need is a good content management system such as WordPress.

24. Online coaching

As an online coach, you can help people reach their goals and make positive changes in their lives. You can offer support and guidance on anything from business to fitness or parenting.

You’ll need some experience coaching in the past to become an online coach. Establishing yourself as an expert in the field is key here. It would help to set up a website to promote your services and offer premium coaching packages.

25. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where you don’t have to hold any inventory and can sell products without actually owning them. All you do is source the products from a third-party supplier, list them for sale on your website, and then have them shipped them directly to customers.

You’ll need a platform such as Shopify to set up your own dropshipping business. You can start by searching for suppliers on popular marketplaces such as AliExpress and then add products to your store manually or using an import tool along with interesting product descriptions that convert.

26. Sell handmade stuff

Maybe you have a creative mind and skilled hands. Why not turn your artistry into a business? You can sell handmade items such as jewelry, clothing, accessories, and more on popular marketplaces like Etsy.

You won’t need to have a supplier or tons of items to start. A passion for creating things and a creative eye to make your products stand out are enough. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at the popular items on Etsy and see if there’s any room for improvement or customization.

27. Create an online subscription box

Subscription boxes have increased in popularity over the past years because many customers want to receive monthly surprises in their mailboxes. You can create your own subscription box business by curating fun and unique items that people will actually want to receive.

The best part is, you don’t have to source the products yourself – you can partner up with suppliers who will provide them for you. You’ll need a website such as Shopify or WooCommerce to set up your subscription box store.

28. Lead generation

Lead generation is all about providing businesses with qualified leads so they can increase conversions and sales. As a lead generator, you’ll also need to have strong communication skills in order to reach out to potential customers and build relationships.

You could start by offering your lead generation services on freelance platforms and social media. Once you’ve established yourself, you can set up your own website and start building an email list of potential clients.

29. Domain flipping

Here comes one of the oldest online business ideas that have existed since the early day of the Internet. Domain flipping is simply the practice of buying and selling domains.

Most good domain names are taken. But many of them expire from years of being inactive and someone else could claim them.

You can start by searching for potential domains on auction sites such as Flippa, NameCheap, or GoDaddy, buy them and sell them at a higher price. Also, you could list your own domains for sale on the same auction sites.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the many online business ideas that can help you make money. Whether you’re looking for something to do part-time or a full-time income, there’s bound to be an option that perfectly matches your skills and interests. With a bit of research and dedication, you could have your own successful online business up and running in no time.


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