12 Ways to Make 10 Dollars Fast (A Day? Within Minutes)

How to make 10 dollars fast today

Want to know how to make 10 dollars fast and take care of some expenses? If that’s the case, there are numerous ideas that you can implement right away.

It shouldn’t be hard to get $10 instantly, especially if you do it online. Because it’s not a huge amount, you won’t have to use a lot of time and effort. In some cases, all you need is your mobile phone.

But if you keep going with most of these moneymaking ideas, it’s possible to make a lot more than $10. You could create a new income source to rely on.

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How to Make 10 Dollars Right Now

Here are the most legit ways to make $10 quickly in minutes:

1. Get cashback on shopping

This is an easy way to get $10 now if there are things you want to purchase. All you need to do is download a cashback app to your phone. These apps will give you cashback for buying stuff through them.

The items can be groceries, restaurant food, clothing, and more. It’s also possible to receive such rewards for things like trips and vacations.

Most cashback apps have the receipt scanning feature. You just need shopping offers from the app and upload a photo of your receipt for verification purposes.

One of the best apps for shopping rewards is Ibotta. You access deals from the merchants you like buying from and earn specified reward amounts if you take on particular offers.

2. Answer surveys for a quick $10

Answering surveys is another great idea to earn $10 fast online. You simply respond to questions on various topics and get paid for doing so.

One good thing about survey jobs is that it only takes a few minutes to complete them. You can make a couple of dollars per survey. The amount can be higher if the survey is long and targeted.

Remember, you should be honest when creating a profile and in your responses. This way, you’ll be notified of nothing but surveys that are appropriate for you and never miss rewards.

Survey Junkie is a well-paying survey site that you can join to access survey tasks. You get paid in points that are redeemable to PayPal cash or gift cards.

3. Play games for money

Playing games doesn’t have to be just for fun. You can make money by playing games online too using a legit game app.

You don’t have to spend your own money in games for a chance to win more. There are several places to get paid for just installing a game and getting to a particular level.

What happens is that a gaming company pays to advertise its game on an online platform. This online platform will be one with lots of users that can participate and get a portion of the money.

One great app to use for quick tasks like gaming is InboxDollars. There’s a $5 bonus if you register as a new user and activate the account. InboxDollars pays you cash via PayPal as well as gift cards to Amazon and other retailers.

4. Watch videos online

Playing games isn’t the only way to make money while having some fun. You can also watch videos, entertain or educate yourself a little, and earn rewards.

It’s a great way to discover the latest products and services from your favorite brands. These brands usually pay an amount to get more people to view their videos. Some of the earnings go to users like you who take part in such offers.

You don’t need hours to make extra cash this way. These are short videos we’re talking about.

If you can spare several minutes, you’re good to go. You’re free to even let the videos play as you do something else.

Check out Swagbucks to get paid for activities such as watching videos. You’ll earn SB points that you can redeem for PayPal money or gift cards of your choice.

5. Join refer-a-friend programs

If there’s an easy way to get $10 through PayPal instantly, this is it. You simply need to invite your friends, family members, or other people to an online platform and generate earnings.

Many sites and apps have referral programs. The reason is that they need more members and so give you a bonus for bringing in new users.

Some examples are shopping sites, banking apps, and online business tools. My favorite ones have to be earning and rewards platforms. You get a chance to earn money by doing a variety of tasks and also from referrals.

Below are the best  rewards sites and apps for referrals:

  • Ibotta: $10 referral bonus
  • Swagbucks: 10 percent of your referral’s earning for life
  • Rakuten: $30 referral bonus

Now, make sure you don’t create multiple accounts, spam online, or do anything else unpleasant to earn referral bonuses. Be honest and you’ll receive all your earnings without penalties.

6. Test websites and apps

If you know the basics of how websites and apps work, you can make $10 online within minutes by testing them. You simply use the site or app like a regular person but then provide feedback about your experiences.

Your opinion helps the developers make their online platform better for others. That’s why they’re willing to pay you for doing the test.

Your feedback can be in written format as well as a recording of your screen along with your voice while testing. You may also opt to do an interview depending on the developer’s needs.

UserTesting is perfect for finding web testing opportunities online. You can earn $10 for a test that goes for 20 minutes. Doing more tests and taking part in live interviews can boost your earnings.

7. Sell an old phone, CDs, or DVDs

Most of us tend to put away items after we do an upgrade. Sooner or later you forget you had it and it ends up going defunct. But you could choose to sell the item and get some extra bucks out of it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile device, a CD or DVD. You can find customers for any of these used items online.

Becoming a seller on Decluttr is one way to go. This platform allows you to quickly get money in exchange for your stuff.

You just need to enter its details, box the item, and take it to a shipping location. It’s even possible to find out the value of your item before selling it. You’ll receive the payment when the Decluttr team checks the item you’re selling.

8. Design a logo

Creating a perfect logo or something close can be quite the task. It takes some creativity as well as design skills for that to happen. If you have what it takes, designing logos is what you need to do to make a quick 10 dollars or more.

You’ll always see new brands popping up here and there. They require good logos to establish their identity.

Most of them will just choose to hire someone for the job. Why should it be you?

There are lots of logo creation tools, including Placeit, to make the work easier. You can quickly learn how to use them by checking online tutorials.

Freelance marketplaces like Fiverr are great for finding logo design jobs. If you have some samples to show, interested clients won’t hesitate to try out your services.

9. Create a slogan

Maybe you have a way with words and the talent isn’t already in use. Another service to offer and get 10 bucks quickly is creating a slogan.

A slogan conveys a message about a company’s product, service, or cause. It’s what captures the attention and interest of an audience. Slogans have to be good and that’s why brands can pay you to write one for them.

Some places to find slogan writing jobs are freelance sites. You just need to do a search or list slogan writing on your freelance profile as a service you offer.

Potential clients can give you the job if they like your profile and slogan examples. Feel free to charge $10 or more per project depending on your expertise level.

10. Do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a bit similar to referring friends. In affiliate marketing, you get commissions when people buy products or services using your unique links. All you have to do is join an affiliate program, generate your links, and share them.

Many online platforms offer affiliate programs as well. You’re free to check your favorite shopping or banking app to see if it’s available. Another way to find these programs is to use affiliate networks such as ShareASale.

It helps if you have a significant audience. It could be an Instagram or TikTok page, a blog, or a YouTube channel.

The reason is that it takes lots of clicks to get sales and earn commissions. But if the people you’re promoting to are well-targeted, you’re likely to get earnings from fewer clicks.

11. Run errands

Did you know that running errands is a quick way to get $10 right now? Errands involve short trips where you have to deliver stuff, buy an item, or do something else.

Someone can pay you to do such things for them if they can’t do it themselves for whatever reason. It could be a store owner that wants their merchandise brought, an individual that has ordered food from a restaurant, or an elderly person that needs you to pass a message on their behalf.

You can walk, ride, or drive depending on the distance and type of errand. Make sure you have the right means of transportation to complete the errand in hand.

If you want to be an errand runner, TaskRabbit can suit you. You get a chance to work when you like and enjoy customer tips.

12. Offer a home service

If you’re good at doing something at home, you can turn it into a service and get paid. These include things like hanging shelves, mounting the TV, and cleaning. Lots of homeowners would rather pay a skilled person to do such tasks.

You can either offer a single service or do a variety of them at a time. This especially goes for home chores.

Keep in mind that some of the work can require specific tools and machines. Be sure to have them and know how to use them effectively.

Social media can be useful for finding homeowners in need of a service that you can offer. A good example is a Facebook group related to it. Another idea is to use online services marketplaces like TaskRabbit.

How to Make 10 Dollars Fast Online

If you need $10 asap, here are some of the top ways to get it:

  • Do online surveys: Go to Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, or Swagbucks, and earn money for sharing your opinion.
  • Get shopping rewards: Use Upromise or another cashback app to shop offers and receive cash or gift card rewards.
  • Freelance your way to $10 or more: Create a logo, write a slogan or do something else on a freelance site.

How to Make 10 Dollars a Day in Passive Income

Making 10 dollars daily in passive income is possible. It’s all about implementing an idea and generating extra bucks from it now and in the future.

Here are the best passive income ideas:

  • Use a cashback platform: If you register with a cashback platform, you can earn rewards every time you go there to shop online. You don’t have to shop anywhere else.
  • Earn from referrals: Here, you just join a referral program and invite your friends. If you put your links online, you’ll get bonuses when someone uses them. Some programs give you a percentage of your referral’s earnings for life.
  • Join affiliate programs: Affiliate marketing is another idea to earn $10 passively. You share your links with friends and other users, sit back, and earn commissions for actions they take such as making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Hope you now have an idea or two on how to make 10 dollars fast online and in-person. Anyone can try them as most don’t require special skills and education.

The next thing to do is put the ideas into practice. That’s how you’ll actually get the money and even more if you put in the effort.

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